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I am sure there is no one who is yet to come across dilemmas, having to choose between seemingly polar opposites in potentially life-altering situations. The following are some of the endless dilemmas of the adult life:

  • Lose weight but can’t stop consuming empty calories or can’t start exercising,
  • Reduce debt but can’t stop spending
  • Earn more but don’t know where to start
  • Travel the world but can’t quit the job
  • Can’t live without him/her/it but can’t live with him/her/it either
  • Break the metaphorical glass ceiling but don’t know how
  • Protect my team but can’t risk losing my own job
  • Become an empowering manager but can’t stop micro-managing
  • Start my own business but can’t risk losing the monthly paycheck…

I help people identify, mutuality and dilemmas that hinder decision making and then help people further with their game plan, and gain clarity on the desired outcome.



I am a coach, a leadership scholar, an Agile enthusiast, an Engineer who became a Psychology major, who is happy to help individuals & teams in identifying and being the change they want to be.

My personal journey of being riddled with such dilemmas is what makes me want to help people in making decisions. I believe that clarity brings empowerment and many a time the difficulty with making potential life-altering situations is, you guessed it, lack of clarity. This makes the choices seem polar opposite, unrealistic, impossible, etc. I have helped many people in digging deeper into themselves, to understand their own interpretations and hidden meaning behind the choices in front of them in order to help them gain clarity.

Make good choices and stay happy,


P.s: In case of dilemmas, feel free to write an email to aazmi.coach@gmail.com inquiring about the free discovery session. Remember, you have nothing to lose, a discovery costs nothing other than 90 mins of time – yours & mine.

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