Abiodun K Adesanya

Lawyer, Public Headline/ Int. Speaker, Strategic Professional & Business Coach

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    Abiodun K Adesanya
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    February 2022
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I help vulnerable individuals, most especially women with domestic challenges, over the age of 35, facing or have faced the challenges of separation and are finding it difficult to move on. I also help young people with other challenges by creating an autonomous environment where they can make an informed decision and build their confidence.

In addition, I help, guide and advise Business Owners, Entrepreneurs’ and Start-Ups on setting up a business and teach the necessary Leadership skills as necessary.

Lastly, I help UK non-nationals to define the pitfalls and challenges resulting in rejection on their visa application.


Abi is a Business owner, the Director of Ramis-Ark Global and a Business Coach. After many years of her professional experiences including her Legal Career as a Lawyer, she helps many clients to understand the vulnerability of individuals and tends to provide support and a change where necessary.

Abi, the Director of Abbey De Law Firm, a professional and vibrant legal practice that specialises in immigration services helping UK non-nationals who need a visa application or an extension and the Right to Remain in UK.  After 20 years’ experience in professional life, with her expertise helping hundreds of clients, she understands the many problems or pitfalls faced by the UK non-nationals who need visa applications or an extension thereby maximizing for a successful application after identifying the pitfalls without wasting time, burn-out and resources.

Also, Abi understands the many problems and pitfalls faced by individuals most importantly women, and advocates for young people by creating an autonomous environment for an informed decision concerning their lives. Her strategic approach as an exemplary leader is all about helping you maximise the chance of getting successful solutions and recovery by identifying the pitfalls people might have on their own journey and in their various businesses, having them avoid those challenges and help them take her expertise and make sure that it is used to give you the most successful outcome, build the confidence and bounce back better.

Abi, has exhibited professionalism with years of experience and multiple academic qualifications including a Bachelor of Laws, Masters in Local Development & Innovation and a Bachelor in Applied Social Studies in Social Care. She bottled an Advocacy for International Development certification while studying LPCLLM at the University of Law 2017-2019. She had several Leadership Trainings; Leadership, Supervisory & Management Skills (Sanctuary-Appraisals), on her DBA Strategic Direction and Leadership.

She has been certified for British Mental Health Certification, 2019 and an Accredited UK Trainer certification in 2021 and registered data controller for the company and also had training in Immigration courses OISC Level 1, 2 and 3.

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