Angela Anuforo

Professional Vocalist and Better Breathing Coach

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    Angela Anuforo
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    February 2022
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I help people correct or check in on how they breathe to transform and improve their health and wellbeing.


Angela Anuforo is a professional vocalist, songwriter, entertainer and qualified teacher who shares her skills helping people correct and/or check in on how they breathe. She does this through the FUN of singing. She is the founder of Angie’s Keep Calm and Sing group; Promoting BETTER BREATHING.

Over the years her organisation has developed to become more holistic and more time is spent diving deeper into the breath work and relaxation part in the preparation to sing. Workshops include great song choices allowing participants to gain the positive health benefits that both breath work and singing can bring.

Workshops are delivered online, venue-based and in Nature. Various packages and more information can be found at the website below:

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