Brigitta Takacs

Personal Transformation & Success Coach, Certified NLP & Timeline Practitioner

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    Brigitta Takacs
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    August 2022
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I support women who go through significant changes in their lives and struggle to find direction or find a better version of themselves. I enable women to achieve significant changes in their development and create success in all areas of their lives. I help women who are passionate about their goals but need some support or want regular maintenance coaching to keep them goal-focused

About Brigitta

I am passionate about helping women to break free from their limiting beliefs, to unlock their true potentials and to achieve their desired outcome.

I combine my personal experience, NPL coaching and Timeline Therapy to achieve the best result during my coaching sessions.

Spoken languages: English and Hungarian.

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Phenomenal. Brigitta is phenomenal and the best coach I had so far in this matter of my life. She is an amazing strategist and an awesome listener. I just love her! <3 Brigitta is an astounding person and a phenomenal coach. She is kind and accepting, very loving and so patient in asking the best, most effective questions. Thank you so so so much, Brigitta, you have shifted my perspective on life and relationships fully! I am forever grateful for your love and kindness!Roxanna from Romania

Brigitta is great and authentic. I felt very comfortable to share about my goals and dreams with her. She helps me organize my arborescent thinking. I have several neuro divergences without any mental or language issue. That’s not that easy to follow me and she nailed it! Maddly from Martinique

I really enjoyed our coaching call. This call was a game changer, life changing for me. I could easily find the connection points to be on the same page. I am not a native speaker and when I didn’t understand something she described it, so there was no language barrier at all. Brigitta really helped to from feeling stuck into I am able to do it. We made some to do lists according my vision and we worked out a to do plan for the near future. Now I feel like nothing can stop me in accomplishing my dreams and vision. I clearly see how much you can grow by coaching sessions. I highly recommend Brigitta as a coach.Veronika from Hungary

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