Cherie-lee Harlow

Coach and Author on Career Change & Work-life Balance

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    Cherie-Lee Harlow
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    December 2022
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I help individuals to bring clarity and motivation to their Professional lives.
Working with Career Changers, Returning to work, Parents, and Graduates alike to bring a clear direction to their professional lives.
Supporting a work-life balance that enables clarity out of the confusion, Motivation from the Stress, and Tangible results that see each of them achieve what they want in Business and personal lives.

About Cherie

Cherie has 10+ years of coaching experience working with individuals in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s & beyond who want to shift into a more meaningful, fulfilling, and enjoyable career / Work life balance.
A Working mum, wife, Author, and certified professional coach who thrives on supporting others to find the career niche that is right for them.

  • Perhaps you feel stuck and trapped in a particular role, not knowing how you ended up down the path you’re on.
  • Perhaps you fell into your current job after School, Uni, or Travelling and now believe it’s not the right path for you to continue down.
  • Perhaps you are a parent wanting to return to work after some time at home with the kids
    You are now ready to change and get on track to where you want your professional life to run…
    You are ready and want to change direction, but you have some or no idea what you want to do instead…

Join Cherie’s list of clients who are now living their truth, enjoying a career, a business, and /or a life balance that is more suited to them.
Find that career that is both motivating and satisfying, fulfilling and making perfect sense to you.

Your life is after all – All About YOU!

To connect with me

Connect with me via the following link –

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