Claire Roche

Health and Wellness Coach

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    Claire Roche
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    April 2022
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I help people recover from addictions and trauma and find their purpose through it.


I’m a Health and Wellness Coach that is highly motivated to bring about long-lasting change to people in addiction and recovery. Addictions are not only related to drugs and alcohol, often it’s about behaviours and beliefs that bring about situations in life that are not necessarily wanted.

I predominantly work with women aged between 30 – 60 who are undergoing some sort of transition in their lives which means addressing an addiction. This may involve leaving a relationship, career or lifestyle that is not serving them. This may also mean starting a new diet or health regime that is necessary due to pressing health concerns.

With a background in Counselling and Law I structure the coaching journey so that a client feels and knows exactly where they are going in my program. I use a formula that does not enable, rather my program will highlight how addictions and environments have supported and allowed the unhealthy behaviour to continue. My focus is on empowerment and ensuring that my clients are free to continue the journey confidentially and independently.

Following traditional yogic and shamanic practices, my coaching program involves cleansing the body through a tailored physical practice in order to prepare the mind.

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