Emmanuelle Bedimo-Morin

Mindset & Wellbeing Coach, Speaker

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    Emmanuelle Bedimo-Morin
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    August 2022
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I help people to elevate their self-image and shift their perceptions of themselves to live their life to the fullest.

About Emmanuelle

When Emmanuelle Bedimo-Morin was 4 years old, she was adopted by amazing French white parents. They gave her their unconditional Love and their indestructible positivity towards Life: “Every problem has its solution”.

In 2018, she was coached for 2 years by the team of the late Bob Proctor, featured in the movie “The Secret”. This experience gave Emmanuelle a deep understanding of the power of the mind and how to help herself and others.

Through a life-changing journey, she found her purpose: helping people with balance problems, vertigo and Ménière’s disease to live their life to the fullest. Now, she
owns a Mindset & Wellbeing coaching business.

In 2022, Emmanuelle became a Certified Public Speaker. She is also a member of BISC (Birmingham International Speaker Club) to upgrade her public speaking skills. She delivered a speech at The World Coaching and Leadership Summit. In March 2023, she won the BISC Annual Speech Contest. Emmanuelle Bedimo-Morin desires to inspire her audience to act on
their dreams.

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