Mathilda Legitimus-Schleicher

Global Motivation & Empowerment Speaker & Coach on Mindset and Success

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    Mathilda Legitimus-Schleicher
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    November 2021
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I guide people to the shortest, healthiest, and easiest way towards their fulfilment using a mix of coaching and public speaking.

Who do you help?

In safe space setting – 1) poc and black women & girls – 2) female victims of abuses and violence – 3) single mums.

I guide them to the shortest healthiest & easiest way to their fulfilment in a mix of single and group sessions (coaching & public speaking), congresses; conferences & workshops (also online).

I am a bridge-builder, a connector, a problem solver, an optimist, an energy booster, & an activist.

My tasks = boosting your self-esteem, self-love & self-confidence.

I help you visualize your goal and remain focused!

Languages: English, French, German.

Tell us more about you

Mathilda Legitimus-Schleicher is a “citizen of the world” and a pan-africanist, born and raised in Paris. Her ancestors were abducted and enslaved from Africa in the 17th and 18th century in the French Caribbean. She has lived abroad voluntarily for 44 years, 42 of them in Germany and speaks French, English and German. She has 3 adult children.

In 2002 she was the first director of the counselling centre IN VIA KOFIZA for women from Asia, Africa and Latin America, of the city of Munich, with its own emergency accommodation for women and children. 15 years as a family coach at the migration department of the AWO, (a decentralized german welfare association and one of the top six associations of the public welfare in Germany).

She is a language & cultural mediator & interpreter (Bavarian Centre for Transcultural Medicine e.V.), a certified systemic family counsellor, at the migration services in Munich / KomBI-career trainer for female migrants (project “Abriendo Puertas” – VIA BAYERN in Bavaria), certified health facilitator (MiMi Project + intercultural addiction support (ISH) + violence prevention at the Ethno-Medicine Center Germany).

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