Naïma Aïcha Aïssat

Speaker, Coach and Educator on transforming people's life

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    Naïma Aïcha Aïssat
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    December 2022
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About Naïma

I support people unlock their potential and achieve their best life.

The greatest impulse in my life is to help the world eradicate itself from all the ills through the medium of Knowledge, beauty, creativity, imagination, and mindfulness.  

As a world-centric educator, transformational coach, researcher, and speaker, I use inspiring, motivating, and transformative methods to raise people’s consciousness and well-being. As such, I fervently promote the study, research, and education of the laws of nature, the recognition of the fundamental connection of all human beings and nature itself, and the absolute powers latent in humans.  

In parallel, I research and aspire to the advancement of true information within the field of Art, Neuroscience, Metaphysics, Arcane, and ancient knowledge, with the sole purpose of distributing this knowledge to the world at large, for us all to be at peace with ourselves and each other.  

Get in touch with me here:
Insta: naimaaaissat
Linkedin: Naïma Aïcha Aïssat

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