Olivia Hepburn

Speaker/Beyond Broken Coach and Mentor to Parents and Guardians

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    Olivia Hepburn
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    May 2022
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Olivia Helps Parents And Guardians With Disengaged Young People Elevate Beyond Broken-ness to take the reigns and harness possibilities for their young people outside of jails and gangs


Rise Beyond Broken.

An educator of 35+ years in London, Surrey, with 5 years in a London Young Offender prison and several international youth projects under her belt, Olivia developed a Win ability technique to inspire young people to step up, choosing actions which propel their lives forward positively whilst gaining the potential to become good leaders and champions of tomorrow.

A qualified Educator, certified Professional Speaker, and Peak Performance Strategist, Coach, and Mentor Working with teachers, trainers’ parents, and guardians. Olivia says ‘Huston we have a problem!! helping young people access and engage in education; preparing them to make better choices to progress in their lives, be more equipped to deal with conflict, cope emotionally, and communicate in times of doubt, worry and perceived failures is a Conscious territorial skill every young person must be equipped with starting from the ‘Home’. Parents and Guardians, we must stem the pipeline to prison, young people recruitment by gang members, or worst being on the gurney at the mortuary.   It’s a painful increasing phenomenon we face today; and the best of parents need support to action to prevent young people from derailing their lives, and ending up in the prison system like a badge of honour amongst thieves.

Focus Forward – Let me help you help your young person to achieve their God given purpose. Connect with me for a Free 20 minutes strategy call. It’s OK to Not be OK .  

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