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Women are amazing. We can do anything when we put our minds to it, but sometimes it’s hard to go from point A to point B especially when we hit our 40+ and our children have become independent and find we have a lot of time on our hands but no idea what to do with it. Sometimes all you need is a little guidance.

That’s where I come in for I am trained to help you overcome all the obstacles that stand in your way; from family issues to work-life balance to self-esteem issues and more. So if you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed or just want some extra support on your journey, contact me today.

About Rania

I am a bilingual (Arabic & English) certified coach, Public Speaking instructor, and TV presenting & interviewing instructor.

My goal at Authentic Woman is to help women find their best version of themselves. At times, going from A to point B is a bit difficult and we need some guidance; this is where I step in. I help my clients find work-life balance, family and health issues, self-confidence, emotional stability, clear objectives, and much more. Wherever she’s stuck and whatever her obstacle, we will work towards overcoming them and all her limiting beliefs together.

In addition to my coaching business, I, alongside my partner have established LR Media Services, a company offering Arabic media workshops, coaching, mentoring and TV programme content writing, production, and execution.

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