Thurdy Campbell

A Motivational Speaker on Mindset and Success

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    Thurdy Campbell
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    December 2022
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About Thurdy

Helping people turn painful experiences into purpose and power.

I am a nurse/leader specializing in empowering self and other individuals who have experienced bullying and harassment at the workplace to speak UP rather than suffering alone in silence.

‘Arise, take up your bed and walk’ is a call to action which has challenged my outlook to take practical and realistic steps via using painful encounters as a platform to seek purpose and find power from a dead-like situation.

I realized that although I had support from family and friends, I needed to be proactive, patient, and resilient and move forward in faith rather than rehearsing the fate of my present experience.

Words are powerful. We create things via the use of words. Words have the effect of creating and or destroying hence the importance of speaking positively. Each morning as soon as I open my eyes, I would declare positive reaffirmations
over my life before I stepped out of bed. For those times when life seems bleak, I would spend time meditating on the lessons from experience.

Today I can say the negative encounters have led me to my true calling: to inspire others to be transformers rather than conformers in life. To seek holistic development, to discover success from failures of life, redirection from rejection to become victors rather than victims of unpleasant circumstances in life.
Arise, take up your bed and walk leads to an increase and progress if you want to achieve well in life.

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