Veronica Figueiredo

Motivational Speaker and Transformational Coach

About Veronica

I am on a mission to facilitate a positive movement for those who have been lost in the grind, and through my anti-regret webinar workshop, I allow people to immerse in the present moment and become whole again.

I am a mum to a beautiful active boy, a qualified Operating Department Practitioner who works for the NHS, and a Fellow in Higher Education, but my new and growing passion is being a motivational speaker and a transformational coach.

My services consist of transforming individuals who are lost in the grind, through 1:1 sessions, coaching them into success, or providing group webinars for introverts and individuals who know they deserve more but don’t know where to start. Well, look no further, I want to empower you to step into your potential and your future self using a step-by-step tool that will help bring you into life’s total fulfillment.

Transform your life with Veronica Figueiredo.

Get in touch with me here:

Veronica Figueiredo – Facebook

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