Zahrasadat Saba

Speaker, Coach on Emotions and Motivation, Counsellor

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    Zahrasadat Saba
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    December 2022
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About Zahrasadat

I help students, young adults, parents, and all individuals who find themselves held back by uncomfortable emotions at some point in their journey of life. By raising self-awareness and learning about different emotions, I facilitate setting achievable goals and gaining motivation.

I started my career in translating and interpreting academic articles twenty years ago. After translating five books on child psychology, I was inspired to change my career. In 2016 I started a course in psychotherapy, and four years later I was registered by the British Association for Counselling and psychotherapy as a qualified Person-centred counsellor.

My experience in working with people from a wide range of backgrounds in the NHS IAPT helped me to hear and understand each individual as a unique person. I saw a positive change in many clients during therapy sessions when they made sense of their feelings and thoughts.

However, I gathered that some individuals need a different kind of help in moving towards a brighter future, a field that life coaching works on. Thus, I started training for Life Coaching and became a qualified International Coach and Speaker.

I can help adult individuals gain a better insight into themselves, focus on their talents, interests, and skills to set smart goals, and develop motivation to achieve them.

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