The High Ticket Sales Challenge

Learn How to Sell High Ticket Coaching Services and Handle Sales Conversations With Confidence

Your Challenge... Can You Pitch & Close Our Undercover Client?

The best way to learn is by doing, so this course concludes with a massive challenge. Our undercover client (a paid actor) will contact you pretending to be interested in your services. You'll need to pitch and close the deal using your new high ticket selling skill-set.


You have graduated as a coach, but now what? You know you have the skills to coach effectively, but winning new business can be a struggle in the early days.

This course is built to help new coaches develop a comprehensive sales skill-set. By the end of your studies, you’ll know how to sell your services online, have confident sales conversations and close more deals effectively.

Who Is This For

This course is designed specifically for people early in their coaching career who lack the sales skills to effectively turn “I’m interested” into “YES – How do I pay?“.

You may have recently qualified or have been practising for some time. Wherever you are at in your journey, one thing is clear… you know you need some help selling.


The High Ticket Coaching Challenge is a 12-week programme which will equip you with the skills to sell premium coaching offers. The course concludes with a sales challenge where you must close the deal with our undercover client (a paid actor!).

The course is delivered in weekly evening workshops via Zoom. You will need a webcam and microphone to take part in this interactive training.

Attend a 12 Week Intensive Course Delivered via Zoom

This course will challenge you to sell in a different way. A way which is more fruitful for your business and allows you to attract and retain the highest quality clients.

Build a Sales Strategy That Gets Results

This course will show you how professional coaches with decades of experience spend their time to most effectively win new business. From this, you’ll build your own sales strategy and start to implement it with our support.

Close The Deal With Our Undercover Client

At the end of the programme, our undercover client (a paid actor) will go through your funnel and observe your pitch. Can you close them? Whatever happens, the feedback will help you take your sales and closing skills to the next level.

Your Learning Journey

Supported Every Step of The Way by Experienced Trainers

Getting Ready for the Marketplace & Becoming the Expert

  • Develop a clear niche and get clear on who you serve
  • Learn about your customer's journey and how to effectively frame your products so the perceived value is high.
  • Become confident with your pricing model.
  • Start connecting with your audience through social selling techniques.
  • Create a weekly plan of action with a strong focus on important tasks.

Become the Ultimate Salesperson

  • Become fully equipped with the sales skills to pitch and present your offer confidently.
  • Master closing language (and tough customers) to get people to buy into you, your ideas and services.
  • Develop consistency with your sales and get to grips with your funnel metrics.
  • At this stage, you will be pitching and selling many times each month (no more nervous selling!).

The Keys for a Successful Business

  • Develop your business strategy and know where to focus your time and energy whilst seeing the big picture (rather than fire fighting).
  • Focus on systems which will increase the quality of your services and give you better time management in general.
  • Uncover how to sell high ticket offers and increase your customers lifetime value - even if you are just getting started.

Selling High Ticket Coaching Services 

  • Learn about sales funnels and how to use freebies effectively (e.g. webinars)
  • What does your business profile say about you?
  • Using LinkedIn to sell effectively.
  • Negotiating skills for coaches.
  • Learn about layering (upsells, cross sells, etc.) and how great coaches add these into their sales process.
  • Develop powerful questioning skills so you can challenge your prospects thinking.

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