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We have a number of outstanding coaches that can help you.

If you need help with any of the following things:

  • The Imposter Syndrome
  • Confidence Development
  • Mindset Growth
  • Career, Life, Health or Spiritual Coaching

If you are looking for support from a professional, look no further than our featured coach list. You can reach out to these coaches directly with the links that are in their profiles or by contacting The SPEAKup Challenge for more information.

Elizabeth Harden

Speaker and Coach on Mindset and Living a Thriving Life

About Elizabeth I help people discover their unrealised potential and live a purposeful, thriving life. My passion is to empower…

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Charlotte Oliver

Integrated Performance Coach and Root Cause Therapist

About Charlotte I help people identifying and addressing underlying issues that hinder their performance and well-being Empowering Change from Within.…

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Lina Jan

Wellbeing and Self-Leadership Coach. Psychoeducator. Speaker.

About Lina I help people re-engage their courage to dream of the 'impossible', remove deep-seated blocks that get in the…

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Jules Dalton

Mindset Coach

About Jules I help people bring out their lioness in themselves, and helping them believe that they have no boundaries…

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Shazna Bibi

NLP Practitioner

About Shazna I coach women who have health-related concerns I am a healthcare professional. With 22 years in the Dental…

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Patricia Paterson

Certified International Coach, NLP and Timeline Practitioner

About Patricia I coach women through the emotional turmoil caused by the loss of a long-term relationship. I support these…

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Tracey Taylor

Menopause and Money Coach

About Tracey I help women who are struggling with the physical effects of perimenopause as well as the financial challenges…

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Katy Rose

Mindset and Wellness Coach

About Katy I help women in mid-life, who feel disillusioned and stuck within their current life circumstances, to transform their…

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Kerleta Kirwan

Speaker and Transformation Coach

About Kerleta I help those who are struggling through adversity to break free, transform their lives and live an active…

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Pollie Rafferty

The Speakers Storyteller

About Pollie I teach Female Speakers and Business owners to find their authentic voice so they can clearly share their…

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