Our Values

People often ask us what it is like working at SPEAKup and why are we different to other training companies. The answer is our values.

Take a look at what makes us

We See Your Big Picture

It's likely that you aren't interested in our qualifications - those are just pieces of paper. Your real goal might be to build a business so you can enjoy a long successful coaching career. Whatever your end goal is, it's important to us as well. We'll be on your side all the way, even after you graduate.

Bigger Than Us

Whatever we are doing in any given month, we realise that our work is bigger than us. We are shaping and caring for a new industry and we take that role seriously. It means sacrificing short term profits and picking up the paintbrush to draw what coaching will become in 50+ years from today.

Integrity & Respect

We stay true to our word. Due to our ambitious and innovative nature, we highly value integrity in our team to ensure we always deliver on our promises made to customers.

Continuous Growth

We constantly challenge ourselves to create bigger and better training experiences for our community. At SPEAKup HQ we live and breath new ideas, taking a “burn it down and start again” approach. This means we regularly take our courses and “burn them down” allowing us to completely rebuild them with new insights. The result of this tiring endeavour? Arguably the best communication training experiences available worldwide.

What’s next for you?

Whatever stage you’re at, we’re here to help you move forward.