The International Coach Challenge

Become a Certified Coach (from an accredited course) and Launch Your Coaching Business The Right Way - With Confidence, Credibility and a Clear Plan

Your Challenge... Coach Real Clients From Around The World

The best way to learn is by doing, so this course concludes with a massive challenge. You will be paired with real international coaching clients who will need your help to break through and achieve their goals. 


International Coaching is the top tier in the coaching industry reserved for those committed to producing world-class transformations with their clients. A Certified International Coach is able to apply coaching skills through video calls (via Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp) and can therefore enjoy the flexibility of working when and wherever they desire.

The “old way” of coaching involves working in person and therefore restricting your client base to travelling distance. The “new way” encourages you to think of the entire world as your marketplace, giving you access to endless client opportunities by branding and marketing yourself at an international level.

Who Is This For

This course is designed specifically for people new to coaching and looking to begin their coaching career in the right way.

Coaching is an incredibly rewarding career option ideally suited to those who are great at listening and enjoy discussing goals. Becoming a full-time coach starts with becoming accredited with a reputable awarding body and gaining as much practice as possible.


The International Coaching Challenge is a 60+ hour training programme, delivered via Zoom, which will equip you with the skills to truly transform a client’s life. Your confidence as a coach will be fast-tracked by undertaking supervised coaching sessions with clients from around the world.

The programme begins with a 2-day gateway course and is followed by monthly workshops thereafter (8 modules and days in total). Along the way, you will be tasked with coaching real clients from around the world (provided by us).

On completing your client work, you will be signed off as a Certified Coach, and you will be ready to attend our Business Kickstart workshop – a day fully focused on helping you launch your business. 

All Certified Coaches are welcomed into our 1% Coach Club upon completion of their studies. This is where you will receive lifelong support and free CPD training each month.

Attend 8 Days of Live Training Over 60+ Hours via Zoom

We will start from scratch and focus on practical learning which can be implemented the moment you start working with a client.

Become Certified as a Practitioner of Professional Coaching

Stand out in the marketplace with accredited certificates and Professional Membership with The Association for Coaching (AC).

Work With Real International Clients Who Need Your Help

We will provide you with international clients to practice your new skills with. These appointments will be set up by SPEAKup and you will be supported by an experienced Master Coach throughout your client assignments.

Your Learning Journey

Supported Every Step of The Way by Experienced Trainers

Professional Coaching

You will learn all the skills needed to operate as a highly effective professional coach. Our course is designed to ensure you are competitive in the marketplace and can offer your clients the very best experience possible.

Launching a coaching business.

The Coaching Connection

The G.R.O.W. Model

Creating SMART Goals

The Four Killer Questions

The Questioning Funnel


The Five-Step Success Process Values-Centric Coaching

Solution Focused Coaching

Working with Secondary Gain

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Coaches

NLP will help you understand the information your client is providing through their verbal and non-verbal communication. The result? You know exactly what kind of coaching support they need.

Sensory Acuity


Eye Accessing Cues


Frames and Reframing

The Milton Model

The Meta Model

Anchoring Resourceful States

Stacking Resource Anchors

The Swish Pattern

Timeline Coaching

You will learn how to help your client remove undesired negative emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness and anxiety, by releasing these emotions from the memories that underpin them.

Timeline Coaching Fundamentals

Requisites for Effective Use

Timeline Coaching Techniques

Working with Anxiety

Working with Negative Emotions

Creating A Compelling Outcome

Launching Your Coaching Business & Marketing Fundamentals

By this point, you will be ready to launch your coaching practice. We will help you understand all the basics needed for you to get up and running as soon as possible.

Finding Your Niche

Your Ideal Client & Avatar

Creating a Standout Brand

Your Mission & Values

Building Your Programme

Freemium Model

Websites & Google

Social Media Marketing

Effective Networking

Professional Accreditation

Once you've completed your accredited coaching course, we will help you gain Professional Membership with the Association for Coaching (AC).

Quality, Professionalism and Ethics

Code of Conduct

Insurance Options

Working Online as a Coach

Referring on for Professional Therapeutic Intervention

Useful Contacts

Join 1% Coach Practice Club for Free Lifetime Training & Support

At the end of your studies, you will be invited to join our 1% Coach Practice Club. We hold monthly full-day training events to keep you developing as a coach, as well as a motivating and helpful Facebook Group to keep you accountable to your growth goals.

Lifetime Access for Free

Monthly Full Day CPD Training

Motivating Facebook Group

Question & Answer Sessions

Outstanding Networking

Our Commitment to Your Success

All Students Are Treated Like VIPs

You’ll Get All of the Below as Standard


World-Class Instructors & Coaches


Great Class Sizes


Detailed Course Workbook


Activities and Breakout Rooms

Facebook Group for Discussions


Guided Practice With Trainers


Industry-Leading Course Content


Unrivaled Value for Money


An International Coach Community


Friendly Workshop Reminders


Mon-Fri Student Support Team


Post-Course Friendly Support

Book a FREE Strategy Call

A friendly no-obligation chat with our team to learn more.