Elizabeth Harden

Speaker and Coach on Mindset and Living a Thriving Life

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    Elizabeth Harden
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    May 2024
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About Elizabeth

I help people discover their unrealised potential and live a purposeful, thriving life.

My passion is to empower others to overcome their mindset barriers and discover their true potential and purpose enabling them to live life to the full.

As someone who has had to overcome many limiting beliefs and challenging life experiences, I know what it is to feel stuck in a rut, believing I haven’t the ability to move forward; and to feel that somehow life is throwing curve balls that limit my potential to thrive.

Having worked through coaching exercises and NLP techniques, everything that held me back has dissipated, enabling me to pursue my goals and dreams. This inspired me to train as a coach and be a facilitator of others being able to do the same.

I love seeing others see the way forward, overcoming their limiting beliefs, sometimes in one session. It is the greatest joy as a coach to see others suddenly grasp their future and know, with confidence, that they can do it.

I offer online one to one coaching sessions, from a 2hr breakthrough session or a series of progress sessions. I also deliver a ‘Maintaining a Thriving Future’ coaching programme to help those that want to create and sustain the life they always wanted

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