Terms and Conditions for Bookings

1.1 This booking is non-refundable after 14 days from the date your training agreement was signed. The only exception to this is if you have signed up within 14 days of the course start date, in which case the booking is non-refundable immediately. This means that if you opt to cancel your place after this time, you are still liable to pay for the programme. There are many fees associated to the courses and limited spaces available. Deferrals can sometimes be made for students who are unable to attend the course due to illness or bereavement. This judgement will be made by the SPEAKup Challenge team and be subject to sharing proof of a situation (doctors note).


1.2 SPEAKup will attempt to charge your card the agreed amount. If we are unable to charge your card successfully, we will make subsequent attempts for up to 90 days. You will receive information from us with the next steps, which will involve adding late fees of £50 after 21 days and starting legal proceedings after 28 days. If you encounter difficulties paying your invoices please speak with a member of the team as soon as possible so we can discuss your options and support you fully.


1.3 All participants must act professionally and support each other during the programme. SPEAKup reserves the right to revoke access to the course and all related benefits should any individual act in an unprofessional or inappropriate manner.


1.4 Attendance for the training is mandatory, and you will need to attend in full to be eligible for any certifications. If you miss any of the first 2 days, you must retake the full programme and will not be eligible to continue with your original programme. If you miss more than 2 of the sessions from the course, you will need to retake the training.


1.5 The Professional and Elite Packages are so called as they provide extra materials, training and sessions to support you. They do not guarantee Professional or Elite Coach outcomes for you or your business as this is also dependent on your hard work, application and investment into your business.


1.6 The participant grants SPEAKup an unlimited and irrevocable licence to use any images or videos taken during the programme for its own promotional purposes. The participant may opt out of this by requesting in writing that they do not wish to be in any photos or videos at the start of their first training day.


1.7 When on your training programme, dates may be subject to change from the ones you were originally given. Students will always be communicated with about any changes and will have multiple options of attendance if any changes happen.


1.8 All trainers that run our courses work for the SPEAKup Challenge. Your trainer may be subject to change without notice.



1.9 I agree to the dates, payment plan, and terms and conditions detailed on this form and confirm my place on the course selected. I have considered the affordability of any payment plan I have agreed to and confirm the selected plan is within my means.


1.10 If you defer your training programme for any reason. Your course place is still booked, including your payment plan. If you opt to defer your training then later decide not to attend the course, you are still liable to pay for the programme.