Reece Turner


What are your biggest achievements to date?

A few things jump to mind which I’m particularly proud of when it comes to my career.

1. I’ve had 100’s of ideas and a few of them worked well. It took a lot to continue through the 100s of bad decisions, projects and launches.

2. My first business was designing websites at aged 15. I’m proud of ‘little Reece’ for having the guts to knock on doors and pitch services while still in school.

3. I’ve sold upward of £15m online and have done a pretty good job in business thus far. I’m grateful for all the help and luck which has come my way.

How would a friend describe you?

I think a friend would say… “Reece is a dreamer, constantly thinking of ways to make the world better. He drinks too much tea and doesn’t reply quickly enough to my messages”.

What is Your Superpower?

My superpower is marketing. I’m a romantic marketer. There is nothing more exciting than creating something valuable and getting it out there for the world to judge. I have come to realise you cannot be precious or sensitive about your ideas – the market will bash that right out of you.

What Do You Love About Coaching?

Having somebody on your side, discussing your future and helping you shape it. I’m at a point where it now confuses me that some people do not invest in coaching. It’s like leaving the house without shoes on – good luck with that.

How Has Coaching Impacted Your Life?

I have been fortunate enough to have some incredible mentors and coaches. For the past 5 years, I’ve spent more on coaching than I have on rent. That includes coaching across life, health and fitness, relationships and business.

What’s next for you?

Whatever stage you’re at, we’re here to help you move forward.