Kerleta Kirwan

Speaker and Transformation Coach

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    Kerleta Kirwan
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    June 2023
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About Kerleta

I help those who are struggling through adversity to break free, transform their lives and live an active healthy lifestyle.

Kerleta Kirwan is the CEO of Cheerymis Fitconsciousness a brand with a self-help message to live consciously, with the key focus on well-being through consciousness.
Over 2 decades of experience working with organisations who are on the same mission. She has distributed products for companies such as Herbalife, Tahitian Noni, Ardyss, and she has also worked with a number of gyms, Easy Gym, Sandwell Gym, and Foundry gyms in the West Midlands, and is currently working with JDgyms.
Coming from an abusive background, she is just happy to be alive. She feels that she owes it to herself to live her best life now more than ever. 

Passionate, a lover of life and people, and shares her message every opportunity she gets.

She believes it is necessary to live with integrity and authenticity, practicing what she preaches daily.

She wants anyone she comes in contact with to say that I am a better person because of her strength, resilience, consistency, determination, and dedication.

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