Lina Jan

Wellbeing and Self-Leadership Coach. Psychoeducator. Speaker.

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    Lina Jan
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    December 2023
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About Lina

I help people re-engage their courage to dream of the ‘impossible’, remove deep-seated blocks that get in the way, set outrageous goals and achieve their highest potential in whatever they undertake.

I am a Holistic Life and Personal Performance Coach, focusing on well-being and self-leadership. I am also a Public Speaker and Storyteller. I talk about, among many things, emotional intelligence, self-leadership, psychoeducation, mindful use of language in personal and professional contexts, and, by extension, creating safer and more cohesive communities. I hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

For a decade, I have been a Public Sector interpreter, mainly providing my services to the Ministry of Justice, Police forces and National Probation Service, facilitating communication between the institutions and people whose English isn’t their first language. The combination of my psychology knowledge and observation of the disempowering language that many people who find themselves at odds with the law or on the ‘edges of society’ speak led to me becoming fervent about psycholinguistic education.

If they ask for it, I include this with my 1-2-1 coaching clients and hold group workshops on developing emotional intelligence and managing conflicts through reframing with the help of language.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology and am currently pursuing a PGCert in Exeter University on Psychedelics: Mind, Medicine and Culture. It is my strong belief that our individual experiences in and of life cannot be interpreted in isolation and MUST be considered in light of one’s culture and background. Therefore, I look forward to this program equipping even more with what it takes to facilitate an individual’s growth in one’s given culture and circumstances. 

 If you wish to get in touch, please email me at OR via LinkedIn. I aim to respond within 48-72 hours.

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