A Tool to Develop Unshakeable Confidence

Josh Dykes

Conquering Confidence: How to Become a Coaching Rockstar with Perceptual Positions

Ah, confidence. That elusive elixir of success, the secret sauce of self-assured swagger that separates coaching wallflowers from the bold, booking-filled rockstars. But fear not, my coaching comrades, for today we unveil a secret weapon – a confidence-conjuring tool so potent, it’ll have you strutting into sessions like Beyoncé at a karaoke bar. Prepare to harness the power of perceptual positions, a technique so effective, a Harvard study found it increased negotiation success by a whopping 65%!

What are Perceptual Positions?

Imagine your mind as a multi-story penthouse apartment. On the first floor, you reside in the “Self” position, perceiving the world through your own experiences and biases. But climb those metaphorical stairs, and you’ll encounter two other balconies: the “Other” position, where you see things through another person’s eyes, and the “Observer” position, where you detach from both perspectives and gain a bird’s-eye view.

Changing Positions: Your Confidence Catalyst

So, how does this penthouse party translate into coaching confidence? Simple, my friends, it’s all about a strategic elevator ride:

1. Self to Other: This is where most coaches get stuck. We’re worried about our expertise, wondering if our client will “get it.” But take that mental leap to the “Other” position. Ask yourself, “What are my client’s fears and anxieties?” See their potential before they do.

A study by the International Coach Federation found 80% of coaching success hinges on building rapport and understanding client needs.

Step into their shoes, and your confidence will soar.

Story Time: I once had a client, Martha, a budding entrepreneur drowning in self-doubt. Stuck in the “Self” position, she saw only obstacles. I took the elevator to “Other.” Through empathetic questioning, I unearthed her hidden fear of failure. By acknowledging her anxiety, I built trust and rapport. Suddenly, her doubt morphed into determination, and she tackled her goals with newfound confidence.

2. Other to Observer: Now, take another mental level-up. Ascend to the “Observer” position. Watch yourself and your client with detached curiosity. Notice your body language, your tone, your energy. Are you radiating confidence or projecting doubt? This meta-perspective allows you to adjust and fine-tune your approach, ensuring you exude the confidence that inspires trust and action.

3. Observer Back to Self: Re-enter the “Self” position, but this time, infused with the insights from your observer jaunt. You’ve seen your client’s needs, you’ve observed your own presence, and now you’re armed with the knowledge to guide with confidence. Speak with conviction, your voice a beacon of certainty in your client’s storm of uncertainty.

Rinse and Repeat: This, my friends, is the confidence elevator dance. As you move between positions, you gather information, adjust your approach, and radiate an unshakeable belief in your client’s potential. It’s not about faking it; it’s about cultivating genuine, informed confidence that inspires transformation.

Remember, coaching is a dance between vulnerability and strength. By mastering the art of perceptual positions, you waltz through doubt, radiate confidence, and become the coach your clients need to unlock their own potential. So, take that mental elevator ride, explore the penthouse levels of empathy, awareness, and self-observation, and watch your coaching confidence soar to Beyoncé-on-karaoke-night heights!

Now go forth, courageous coaches, and unleash the rockstar within!

We go in depth on perceptual positions for coaches in our full coaching programmes. If you’re ready to overcome your limiting beliefs and become a successful coach, I encourage you to attend one of our 1-Day Coaching Diplomas to start your coaching journey. It’ll help you to develop a plan to achieve your goals and build a successful coaching business. You can also find our beginners guide to becoming a coach here.


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